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Opening up new utility avenues, and expanding the horizons of electricity is Solar & Windmill energy. Dubbed as the future of power generation by many, it can be used to generate electricity in places that lack a grid connection, without the need for expensive large scale grid level infrastructure or just cut down costs towards current energy generation in the long run.

Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity throughout the day. Any electricity that is not used immediately is put into the power grid. This excess solar energy offsets the energy use at night when the system is not generating electricity. The result is, more control over energy costs.

Solar electricity production involves three simple steps – how to create the power, where to store it, and how to use it. Creating a balance between the three brings out the most optimal usage, and significant cost cuttings.

To have a stable electrical output, storage tanks, also known as battery banks, have to be installed.

Having a compatible storage bank is also a must. If the energy produced is more than the storage capacity, then the energy will be wasted and likewise if the storage bank potentially exceeds the production capacity, then it translates into unnecessary additional cost.


The introduction of flexible thin-film solar cells, have allowed integration in various day to day building materials, appliances and accessories (building integrated photovoltaic). The recently introduced advanced transparent solar panels keep generating small amounts of electricity even after sunset.

Windmills could be a good option to tap for generation of electricity. They generate electricity faster than solar panels, and with advancement in technology they have also become smaller in size whilst producing more energy, at the same time, they have become noise free too. Basically, wind that blows past the windmills, rotate the blades, which in turn rotate the turbines that are built within. This rotation speed depends on the speed of the wind blowing, and in return the amount of electricity generated.

Hybrid systems comprising of a system working with windmill along-with solar panels, ensure non interrupting supply even when there is low or no sunlight, like during monsoon seasons, thus assuring greater efficiency and reliability for power generation.

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